About Us

BLA Associates is a leading law firm based in Rajasthan (India) with main office in Jaipur. For over four decades we have been providing legal advice and services to international and domestic clients. We deliver our best of services in matter of trust, efficiency, and satisfaction, to our clients of various sectors. The firm understands the client perspective - the need for responsive legal advice, expertise, creativity and value. The firm is focused on building long-term client relationships and also understands that the commitment is only possible through teamwork guided by integrity and principles of honesty, accountability and consistency and most importantly, under the guidance of great leadership. We believe that we grow with the growing satisfaction of our clients in the work they assign us. This leads us to make further developments and explorations in different avenues of law. The firm represents a large number of business groups, banking & financial institutions, multinational corporations, public sector undertakings, state and central government authorities and NGOs.

Our mission is to provide outstanding legal solutions in our special practice areas with a strong emphasis on ethics. Our clients benefit from our expertise and experience as a large firm with values, while still enjoying the privilege of personal attention and responsiveness of a small firm. The firm is a team of multidisciplinary professionals as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Management Consultants and Engineers having experience relevant to a wide range of legal and financial matters.

In the process of providing the solutions to our clients we provide various inputs and valuable insights regarding the development in the field of economic and commercial climate of India. With our clear and practicable advice we facilitate the establishment maintenance and expansion of the business and commercial activities envisaged by our clients.

Our practice extends across diverse sectors of industry and services, such as Consumer & Industrial Products, Consumer Durables, Financial Services & Banking, Infrastructure, and Energy & Transportation. We understand and appreciate the different challenges that our clients face in the current business environment as a result of technological changes, evolving government regulations, and competitive pressures in the marketplace. We provide a diverse set of legal services to our clients and assist them to meet these challenges successfully. Due to its good working relations with a number of lawyers and law firms in other jurisdictions ensures ready access to formal legal advice in other jurisdictions whenever needed. We believe that our path to success is more likely to be found when clients have an access to quality guidance along the way in their matters. Considering crucial needs of the clients, as a sense of responsibility we take personal interest in the all-dimensional success of the clients' concerns.